This is all about one of my great loves-baking! Cupcakes are what I really love making,
however I enjoy all baking, anything from a simple Victoria Sponge, puddings, bread, biscuits
to Game Pies and a good old Sunday Roast!! I will share some of my baking experiences
with you; recipes that I think everyone should know about and some of my funny
and distastrous moments. This will not be restricted just to the kitchen!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Cupcakeaholic......maybe I am?!

I have always made cakes, ever since I can remember.  My Mum made butterfly cakes with me, I can't remember how old I was exactly, but I would guess about 6 or 7;  from then on, I was totally hooked!  My Grandmother was a fabulous baker, I don't think she ever bought a cake  in her life!  I have inherited her recipe books and use many of her recipes, which, in turn she inherited from her Mother.  She made wonderful cakes, biscuits, pies and my favourite were her drop scones (sadly I have never managed to master them to her standards)!!  Many people today don't bake like their Mothers and Grandmothers did (on the whole, they baked from necessity as opposed to baking for pleasure, we can take that easy option the supermarket.  Supermarkets stock evrything we could possibly need in the way of food and for many people they see no need to cook. Cooking nowadays, for many, is just a matter of heating things up in the micro.

Baking is very en vogue these days, many of us see it as a pleasure, not a chore. I have certainly become a bit of a cupcakeaholic, whipping up batches for any occasion and without much asking! I love thinking of new ideas/themes and enjoy the pleasure of giving these scrumptious personalised cakey lovelies, to any one that sends a request my way!!

I do bake many things but it's fair to say that muffins, cupcakes, butterfly cakes, call them what you will, are my favourites.  Perhaps I owe it all to my Mum and those butterfly Cakes, all those years ago!!

Anyway, here are some of my efforts!!

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  1. Hi Ellie, long time no see. Cupcakes are lovely, some brilliant ideas.

    Hugs Jill x